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Go Green & Save Big With Solar Energy

Solar power has many benefits but most importantly, it saves you money while also helping save the environment. Solar is a green, renewable, emissions-free energy source, and once your solar energy system has paid itself off in the form of energy bill savings, you can then enjoy free, clean energy for decades.

Why Choose Pisgah Solar

Turnkey Process

We will design the perfect solar energy system for your home or business, install the system using high-quality materials and best practices for protecting your roof. We also provide support and maintenance throughout the entire lifespan of your solar energy system. Everything from permitting process to taking advantage of any and all applicable solar incentives, we help you from beginning to end.

Experience On All Projects

Our service area spans the Asheville, and Western North Carolina areas. Our experts are qualified and experienced in all types of solar energy projects, including grid-tied, off-grid, residential, and commercial solar setups as well as battery backup systems and more.


When you decide to work with us at Pisgah Solar, you become like a partner to us. We will keep you up to date with the progress of your solar energy system and we’ll be here for you if you have any questions. Our client partnerships mean the world to us, and since your solar energy system can last for nearly three decades, we’re committed to your long-term satisfaction!

IS SOLAR POWER WORTH IT?It certainly is, especially in North and where the year-round sunshine means very high solar energy generation potential.

What You Need To Know About Solar Power In NC

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NC Solar Power Guide

North Carolina offers many solar incentives, including rebates, net metering, tax exemptions, and revolving loan options. Duke Energy offers rebates of up to $6,000 for residential customers, $50,000 for commercial customers, and $75,000 for non-profits. The city of Asheville offers rebates on building permits and the state of North Carolina allows a tax exemption for the added home value from solar energy, so you won’t pay higher property taxes after installing solar energy. Additionally, there is state legislation in place that limits solar loan terms to a maximum of 20 years and caps interest rates at 8%. Plus, the state allows net metering, which is a policy that lets you essentially sell any excess energy produced by your solar panels to the utility grid and be compensated in the form of credits on your future energy bills. This can help keep the monthly cost of your electricity bill balanced throughout the year, despite changes in energy production and consumption.

Switch To Solar Today

To learn more about making the switch to solar energy for your North Carolina home or business, contact our team at Pisgah Solar today! Our experts will be happy to discuss your project and provide a free project price quote.

Home solar energy systems can help you significantly reduce or in some cases nearly eliminate your monthly electricity bills. Solar energy is suitable for most homes, especially if you have a pitched, south-facing roof that gets sunlight for most or all of the day. However, even if your roof isn’t well-suited for solar panel installation, you can also opt for a ground-mounted system. With the addition of a battery backup system, your home solar energy system can also provide backup power in the event of a grid outage.

Adding a solar energy system at your business can eliminate a massive chunk of your overhead costs, rendering your business more profitable. Plus, many potential customers are increasingly motivated to shop at businesses whose values align with their own, and solar energy makes a clear statement of your commitment to renewable energy and environmental protection.

Both residential and commercial solar energy systems can help insulate you from rising electricity prices due to inflation, time-of-use charges, and other factors that increase the price over time. With solar, you can often lock in your prices with your utility company or, with an adequately sized system, eliminate all but your monthly base charge.

Roofs and solar energy systems generally have similar life spans of about 30 years, so if you are considering solar but your roof needs replacing in the next few years, it will be cheaper and much easier to replace the roof before you install a solar energy system. Additionally, there are some exciting new solar roof options available that can accomplish both goals.

GAF Energy has designed solar panels that are roof-integrated, so they sit flush with the roof surface instead of on raised racks. This gives them excellent water-shedding capabilities and a sleek low-profile look. Our GAF-certified roofers at Pisgah Solar can replace your roof and install your integrated panels all at once.